Samantha Morton

There are 4 period dramas starring Samantha Morton in our database. They are listed below in descending order of release date.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007 Movie)

User rating:
3.63 / 5 (from 23 ratings)

Date set: 15851588

Directed by: Shekhar Kapur

Writer(s): William Nicholson, Michael Hirst

Cast: Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, Samantha Morton, Rhys Ifans

The Libertine (2004 Movie)

User rating:
3.24 / 5 (from 6 ratings)

Date set: 16751680

Directed by: Laurence Dunmore

Writer(s): Stephen Jeffreys

Cast: Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton, John Malkovich, Rosamund Pike, Stanley Townsend

Jane Eyre (1997 TV Movie)

User rating:
3.39 / 5 (from 41 ratings)

Date set: 1829

Directed by: Robert Young

Writer(s): Charlotte Brontë (novel), Richard Hawley, Kay Mellor, Peter Wright

Cast: Samantha Morton, Ciarán Hinds, Gemma Jones, Deborah Findlay, Laura Harling

Emma (1996 TV Movie)

User rating:
3.81 / 5 (from 38 ratings)

Date set: 1815

Directed by: Diarmuid Lawrence

Writer(s): Jane Austen (novel), Andrew Davies

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Bernard Hepton, Mark Strong, James Hazeldine, Samantha Morton

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