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I checked this movie out as a VHS from the public library back about 2001 (it could have been a good 10 years old at that point, I don't know). It was distributed by Acorn Media. I keep thinking it had the word "moon" in the title. It takes place in post-war Britain or Ireland. Plot: poor girl in the town is very smart. She gets to go to college. While at college her and the rich boy from the small town fall in love. She gets pregnant. They weren't telling his or her family. They get married. Those who find out are very unhappy about it. Baby comes and they are miserable as a couple. They fight all the time. She has dropped out of school. I want to see he then starts to have an affair with the girl his family had wanted him to marry but I may be mixing it with another movie. The main girl was a brat. She was a petite thing with brown hair cut in a short bob. Please help I've tried to find the name and its driving me crazy. Thanks so much.


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