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I'm trying to find a movie I am sure I watched on YouTube, but can't remember the name. About a young girl whose mother dies when she's young. Victorian England I think. She works for a wealthy landowning family. One of the sons of this family courts her, but can't marry her because of her class position. She learns from this, later marries a man she may or may not love. Has a child, a daughter. Works hard all her life. Her husband dies. I think she remarries at some point, but maybe not. Then she builds her life and business by opening a store/bakery. Ends up having a huge department store business. Frugal with money. Story is divided into maybe 2 or 3 movies/generations. She's telling her granddaughter why she wants her to take over the business she worked so hard to build over her lifetime. By end of the movies, she's in her 70's? Different actresses play her different ages. I thought it might have been a Hallmark movie, but cannot find it anywhere. Maybe it's not. Please help me figure out what the movie is called, so I can tell a dying friend who wants to watch it. Thank you. Possible that it's American, not British, but I think because of the first movie where she falls in love with a rich young man and class is such an issue, that it's British.


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