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im looking for this movie i saw. im not sure if it was a french movie or so.... but it was very intersting. i have the pictures of it in the mind but i just cant remember the title to it nor the name of characters. what attracted me about the movie was the personality of i guess the main character. he was a very rich young guy who inherited his dad fortune. he had a traumatic life in the past because he stayed with his decomposed corpse of his mother. the guy never kept a girfriend. girls always committed suicide after being rejected by him. he finally met these two girls who were roomates. he tried to hook with the two of them at the same time. he offered one a job in order to sleep with her. he ended sleeping with the two of them and probably killed one. at the end the one the roomate who stayed alive killed the guy with the gun as the guy rejected her and kicked her out of his mansion. it was very dramatic romance. anybody with any idea? im reallly craving for this movie again.


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