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Hello, so i just recently remembered this drama from a long time ago where there was this girl who ran away from her rich father and as her and her boyfriend runs away, he learns that she was no longer rich and decided to abandon her. She then roams on a beach and comes across to this beach hotel and asks to stay there even though she has no money. However, when she sees the owner's dog she runs away from it only to run to the ocean where she can't swim. The owner of the hotel saves her and she asks if she can stay as long in exchange for her labor.

As the story progresses, they eventually fall in love but then the owner's ex girlfriend comes back and makes things difficult. And i remember this scene so specifically: the main girl bakes him a cake for his birthday and all of the people who work there are there to sing him happy birthday but then he knocks it over by answering the phone and just apologizes and walks away. everyone is pissed and they all leave except for the main girl. she stays and cries and eats the cake off the floor.

I know it may not seem super specific but if you guys can help that would be GREAT!


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