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I'm trying to identify the name of a miniseries from the 90's.
-It was a period piece
-It was about a wealthy family
-The family had a daughter that was born to them
-They adopted a girl who was around the same age as their daughter whose parents were possibly killed in a war or murdered. I think they adopted her as a baby.
-The biological daughter was brunette and the adopted one was blonde (I think).
-The girl they adopted had an unusual name, like Wildflower/Wildchild/Flowerchild. It was something along those lines. Something to do with a flower, the world wild or the word child. It's definitely not something the average person would name their child.
-The first half of the miniseries was about the sisters when they were children, around 10-12. They did not have a good relationship. I think the biological daughter was extremely jealous of the adoptive one and wanted her dead.
-I think something really awful happened and the adopted one almost ended up killed by her sister.
-There was a father, he was quite old. I don't recall the mother entirely. There may have been one. I just know these people were super wealthy. They lived in a beautiful mansion.
-The second half of the series is about the girls as adults - maybe 20's? They reunite with each other but they are more mature and I think the adopted one was forgiving. I think they even formed a friendship of some kind. But I think the biological daughter had ulterior motives and still wanted her dead.
- Both girls were very attractive, if that helps!
- And overall I believe that the brunette sister was evil and the blonde sister was pure and good.
-I think it was between 2-4 episodes long.

Anyone have any ideas whatsoever?


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