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I'm trying to identify this film.
It's set about the turn of the century, was shown on BBC, Masterpiece Theater, or the like.
In one scene there is a guy who is married into this family that has a bunch of servants of all ages. He comes upon the son fucking a servant girl, and the other servants are just going on about their business as if this happens all the time. He asks the girl if she's alright, to which the girl says yes.
In another scene, the guy is about to go out fox hunting with the family, but his wife and her brother (who fucked the servant girl earlier), are not going. He's told that his wife doesn't feel good, so he goes to her room, and tries to get in the door, but finds it locked. He goes through an adjoining room, and enters the room by the connecting door. He finds his wife naked in bed with her brother.
In the final scene, he and one of the other servants are standing on the road, and they decide to travel to America.
Please help me to identify this movie. I saw it in about the mid 80's to mid 90's. Thanks in advance.


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