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Recently I have been watching a lot of K-Drama. But I remember watching a lot of Asian drama when I was a child with my mom. There is one drama that I am looking for and I hope someone recognises it. I donít remember which country it is from. I will try to give as much information that I can remember but it will be brief.

The drama is about a boy falling in love with a girl (wow every drama is like that, hehe let me elaborate). The boy is a med student and I donít remember what the girl did. She might be a med student too. They did small jobs or those were activities at school such as cooking and serving dishes. In one episode the boy saw the girl being scooped in the arms by an older man and he thought that her side job was being a hooker. After that incident he passes his phone number to her and asking her a ę†favor†Ľ. The girl was confused and explained that she wasnít a hooker and the old guy was her dad. I donít remember much... I only remember her becoming sicker and sicker (health issues) and them struggling to live together at a campus??? Help me please. The drama is probably from 8 years back, if not a bit older.


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