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I saw this film in the late 1990s. It was screened in those years (I can't remember the exact date). It is set at the end of the 19th century beginning 20th century (maybe at the turn of the century?). The plot is about a young woman (in her early 20s who returns home (I remember a ship?) and is met by her father's estate manager. They live on an estate where they keep horses (maybe breeding and raising them?). Her father dies (she has a mother but I'm not sure if any siblings) They are indebted and forced to sell the estate including the horses. She steals her favorite horse with the help of the estate manager. They put the horse in a race. They win and save the estate. She falls in love with the manager and they live happily ever after. I remember a scene in which she rides all night to go back to the manager's house, they declare their love for each other. I know that the estate manager is an Australian actor who now performs on Tv in the USA. The countryside is very green no bush. It could be Australia (the coast?) or Canada (no mountains). The last scene is on the estate feeding the horse who won the race and the young woman and the estate manager are the new owners. The Australian actor is not Russell Crowe.


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