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I know what you are talking about. I believe it was a mini series. I can't find the name, but the story was:
A young orphan girl is placed with a family as a servant/companion. They have two daughters. The daughters are shamed by the servant girls sweet disposition and generosity. The daughters go to the bad part of town to prove they can be generous too, they are attacked. The servant girl is blamed and sent away to a prostitution house. The Madam sells her virginity to the highest bidder. The girl becomes the least member of the prostitution house as despair and drug abuse saps her will to live. She is hired by an artist to pose for him (I think he is actually doing sketches for medical purposes?). They become friends. On returning to the prostitution house she is beaten badly because the town folk have decided to send a message to the "bad elements". Having nowhere else to go she goes to the artist and he nurses her back to health. When she is better she begins helping to take care of him and help him in his work. They fall in love and she becomes pregnant. They have a daughter. Somewhere along the line the artist becomes ill and dies. The Madam forces her to come back to work for her and has used her connections to get setup in an estate. Something happens and she is separated from her daughter, forced onto the ship and off the coast of the estate the ship goes down. The Madam dies, but the negroe man servant and the prostitute/mother survive and tell the people at the estate that she is the Madam and now mistress of the estate. The negroe man searches until he finds the daughter, it takes him many years. I just don't know the name and couldn't find it. So now someone may remember the name.


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