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I need help trying to figure out the title of a movie I saw on TV years ago. Anyone know this one?

So this guy is on a boat (in Italy, I think), and he asks the boatman about some house on the bank. The boatman is like, "Oh yeah, some old lady lives there. Her son was super smart, so her husband saved up to send him to school, but he ran off with the money and became a bandit. So the husband died of a broken heart, or whatever, but the son keeps sending his mom bandit treasure, and she buries it in the backyard or something." So the dude in the boat acts all interested, like he wants to steal the bandit treasure from the old lady, but when he shows up at the house, it turns out that he is the old lady's son, and they laugh about how everyone thinks he's a bandit. He actually made his fortune somehow and is now posing as a noble. So then a bunch of other stuff happens, and some jerkface king or whatever finds out that the dude is actually a peasant. So he says the dude has to have his eyes stabbed out with a red hot poker, but the dude's shady friend offers to pull out the dude's eyeballs with his thumbs. The king or whatever thinks that would be pretty funny, and lets him do it, but it was some kind of trick and the dude still has his eyeballs. So he shows up later and ruins everybody's sh*t. There are swords and castles, and the movie is in black and white.


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