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Ok I've been looking all over the place for this movie, hopefully someone will be able to help. I'm going to tell you everything I remember.

I watched it in the late 90s, I think it was a Hallmark movie or mini-series. It was the story of this brunette girl who lived with her parents, they were middle/upper class. The movie was divided in segments, that's why I think it was a mini-series. It's a period peace but I can't remember what era it was from.

During the first segments it was mostly her story, she had a blonde best friend and the two girls made a blood pact to be best friends forever. I watched it in Spanish but they said something along the lines of "now we're blood sisters".

Then the brunette girl is in like an arranged marriage, and she's forced to marry a much older, wealthy man who's fat and unattractive. I think he was a doctor. She's super young, like in her teens and he might be in like his 50s.

The following segments are about her new life with this man she's not in love with. Then she grows fond of him. They have children and all and either him or the whole family have to travel a lot.

Then she runs into the blonde girl after a long time of not hearing from each other, the blondie ran away with her boyfriend and she was the talk of the town for doing such a shameful thing. Now the brunnette is a wealthy woman and the blonde is poor.

The whole movie/segments is the story of brunette growing from a teenager to an adult woman. I think the husband gets very sick and dies. In the end she really loved him.

That's all I remember. Thanks and I hope someone knows what movie I'm talking about.


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