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There was this movie I saw on telly back in the early '00s, I feel like it was set in Russia or something I remember some scenes. It might have been the 19th century and I think the girl was named Anna or Anushka. Anyway a young man, maybe a soldier is with a girl in a room, she is in her white nightgown. He wants to have sex with her but she is a virgin and is resisting, runs to a corner, but he picks her up and takes her to bed. Obviously, they had sex. However, then there is another scene where she has become a prostitute and is lying on the floor on her side, propped on her hand and a fat old guy has had/wants to have sex with her. The young man/soldier that took her virginity at some points finds her and sees her life now and apologizes to her because he says the fact that he had sex with her led her to ruin. I can remember vividly only these two scenes, google has no matches, maybe it was an Italian movie I am not sure please help :(


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