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I'm trying to find the name of a film/period drama that i saw in the end of the 90's. I think the main characters are british and are rich people, but they are in a country where there are aborigenes/indians/native people. One day the couple (I think they are not married) has a fight and somehow the girl runs away and gets lost in the desert pregnant (the man doesnīt know that she is pregnant). A couple of native people finds the woman and helps her through the journey, they even help her to give birth to the baby, but then they die. Some years later the woman is back in the civilization, is married and has two little boys (the one born in the desert and another one) and she finds the man she is was in live with and that is the father of her first baby!
Thatīs all I remember...donīt know the names of the carachters, but the name Alex tells me something!
I've been trying to find this for so many time...hope someone can help me!! Thank you!!


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