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There was a movie I loved that I saw in the early to mid 80's on Showtime, HBO, or The Movie Channel. From memory, they looked similar to Tia or Tamara Mowrey but they weren't born yet so it couldn't have been them. It was about a teenage girl who disrespected her grandmother and her elders, then went back in time to when her grandmother was a teenager. Either she was a twin in real life or she played both parts. I can't remember what year she went back to but it was 20's, 30's, or 40's. The only part I remember is when they saw a snazzy looking woman walking a dog (maybe an Afghan Hound) the grandmother said "Hubba Hubba!" and the grand daughter had never heard that expression before so she had to explain it. This was a really good movie! If only I could remember the name! Or find someone else who saw it that knows!lol Thanks!


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