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It could be either korean or chinese i dont remember it very clearly but here's what i remember.
So there is the main lead he's a powerfulman and skilled warrior (he could be a general or a prince) something happens he loses his sight and the female lead who is a strong warrior herself takes care of him in a secluded house with the help of a man and (a deaf/mute) young woman ..they fall in love but she has to go before he regains his sight ...after that my memory is blurr but i know that the mute girl pretends to be the one who cared for him so he marries her and when the lead female finds him he treats her coldly as if theyre enemies but she insists that she stay with him leading into taking her as a second wife which is considered very humilaiting ...i think smth happens and he starts loving her ... both the women become pregnant and go into labor ..the first wife out of jealousy poisons the lead.. both of them go into labor. the lead male is torn between which to bring the doctor to first evntually choosing the first wife and resulting in aborting the second's baby . She then comes to despise him for what he did
.... that's all i can remember..... help


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