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ty ty ty :) it was it! (almst) 4 years I was lookin for this title,,the lead was good,, ''Nicholas nickelby'' but it was attracting me to a movie with a similar story but with more romance and softness . The movie I was looking for was in my mind really dark and not so much girly, with a compelling dramatic story (don't read above if u dnt wanna know) . after spending some freetime ( millions of titles on imdb..) I was thinking of the boss of Nicholas in the movie who had a severe profile,,that made me thou of cristopher plummer who fit the description , so I went to Wikipedia and realize I forgot he was in Nicholas nickelby..I took a further look at the movie description and saw that it was the same movie,,the one I saw is called ''the life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby'' and was made in 2001, and not ''Nicholas nickelby'' made in 2002 .
btw its a novel by Charles dickens so the adaptation are numerous,. Thnks again Gina:))


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