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Im looking for a film which I only really rememeber one scene as I was flicking through the channels. A woman is sitting in a church, the service ends and she grabs an umbrella as it starts to rain. She walks home with an umbrella thats not hers, while a man notices and follows her trying to grab her attention, that she has take his umbrella. The woman makes it home to a large white house and puts the umbrella in a box full of them. The man waits outside soaking in the rain the woman notices him invites him in and he explains she accidently took his umbrella. She apologies and says she has a habit of accidently doing that. She asks which one is his umbrella, holding up a black, tattered one with holes saying this cant be yours it has holes in. To which he smiles awkwardly and takes it.
This has been bugging me if anyone knows the film that would be so helpful!


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