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I'm looking for a period drama movie it's about a mix black noble woman being sold to prostitution by her husband.
All I can remember is, she is of noble birth her father is black and her mother is white. She fell in love with a white man, her parents doesn't approve because they don't trust his sincerity. That was the era where some black are educated and rich or in middle class but the slavery still exist. So the man did everything to prove himself worthy of their trust, it's a long courtship and finally her parents approve of them. Then they got married and decided to live abroad. After he made love to her in their honeymoon he sold her to other men. He made money out of her, I think she ask help to a maid that she befriends with and finally escape. I'm not sure of this but I think she went home to her parents. I can't remember the title of this movie, do you know the title of this movie?


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