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I am looking for a old lifetime film in the 80s or 90s from what I remember a woman gets raped and pregnant, she has children and a husband but doesn't tell her husband of the rape she goes to far away hospital to give birth not knowing if its her husbands baby or not, when the baby's born its a mixed race little girl, there she makes a friend of another woman who gave birth to a little girl there is a sudden hospital fire she tries to save her friend but finds her dead, she goes to the nursery to save her baby and makes a sudden decision to take her friends white baby and leaves hers there, she raises her as her and husbands own, the other baby is rescued and sent to live with what they think is her father and siblings, the father notices her dark skin and tells the child constantly growing up her late mother cheated on him and she's not his. Both girls grow up and eventually meet


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