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Hi, I would like you to help me find this movie. It is set in england in an old era where they wear big dresses and the sorts. Maybe 1500. Anw, its about a girl and how life takes from place to place. One scene i remember is that she is welcomed into a well off family that have 2 daughter. She is very beautiful and the girls are jealous. On christmas eve, they all go out to do charity in poor alleys. And this beautiful girl is very helpful and she goes out of her way to help the poor poeple. Anw sometime later the girl want to imitate her and they go on there own to the alley but it shows us that they come back raped and with diseases.(thats one scene) i think then she moves out and goes into a brothel. The last scene of the movie its shows us the girl is dancing around with her daughter on the shore at sunset.


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