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Hi I had seen this movie in MGM channel. I don't know the movie name help me to find that and the story of the movie was "there will be an wheel chair person and her horny wife in a palace like house and there will be an maid working in that house. By the same time scene will be shifted to a boy coming along with his lover and stays in a room then the boy says the girl to wait in that room and he visits her mother working as maid in that palace like house. Then her mother brings him to that house itself then he doesn't go and visit his lover again and the wheel chair person's wife takes the boys out to her out house and both of them enjoys a lot and one days that boys lover come to that house sees that both of them are together and asks his lover u having affair with this lady and she wents off and this continues that's all I know about the movie help me to ind the name of the movie and it's telecasted in MGM channel


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