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Thanks so much for considering my request.
"Creature"(How I understood) means a” living being”, a” creature from outer space” or “An imaginary or fantastical being “. I think another words for “creature” are mortal or brute (Not exactly but something similar).
In this film I cannot remember exactly this creature own to which category. According to the discussions in the movie it was a “creature”.
I remember either this businessman was involved to create a “new creature” or to do experiments related to an “existing creature” secretly keeping it somewhere in the town (was not in his house).
Few people including church priest were involved in that experiment or businessman himself did the experiment by himself and then brief the others time to time. There were some meetings among them time to time in the film regarding that creature.
I cannot remember they show this creature to us in the whole film. Only discussions.
I remember very well that he was telling about these experiments to this female journalist before or after they fall in live.
The night they fall in love, the girl was sitting in front of a mirror in her room wearing a white robe and this business man came behind her wearing red and brown (gold) mixed robe. Both were in Businessman’s mansion. The girl had a small wound or something similar in her hand and he wanted to see it and finally they fall in love.
It was not a horror film definitely. I do not have any idea is this man is a scientist or not. But he was a very rich businessman.
But this journalist came to see him to make a journal about him for a college magazine.
I watched it 1999/2000 but I do not know honestly when film made. Should be around 1990s.


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