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Young girl came to town as a reporter to interview a rich businessman in town. She had to stay in his house and eventually they fall in love. This businessman is engaged in some experiments related to creature. He explains about these experiments to the girl but she is not interested. The house they stay together is a big mansion. Canít remember the end of the movie. Like very much to know the name of the movie.

I slightly remember she had met with a little accident (Like cut her finger or something). Then this man came to see her in her room and they fall in love.

I remember the church priest in this town also either engaged or connected with this business man for his experiments.

Name was bit of a long one but cannot reemeber. I watched this in 1999/2000. I really need to watch this movie again. Once I found the same description in IMDB or in something like that. But could not find the name. Exactly same description was there.

Please help me to find this.


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