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There is a worker who is leaving the employment of a family. The daughter finds him and bags to go with him but he refuses. Then the father finds them and tries to kill him but ends up dead. The guy ends up talking the girl with him and they find employment on a farm where the girl does the house work every day until six. There is a scene where the guy takes the girl to the river where he washes and then goes down steam to wash. When the bubbles reach him he uses them to wash. They end up getting married but on their wedding he hurts someone and ends up in prison the following day. She goes and gets help from her family's lawyer and is able to decrease his sentence. But she has to go home after his release and see her mother who thought she was dead. The mother tells the guy to leave and see if she really wants him then tells the girl he left without her and try's to keep the girl from following. But the girl follows and finds him


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