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My mom is looking foe a movie she watched a few days ago on Netflix. She says it's a period film, and it looks like it was old. She was kinda falling asleep, so what she remembers is:

1. A woman got married, and her husband was sent to war. My mom remembers that he was in a red coat.

2. After she was alone, a blond tall man and a dark skinned woman that was with him came to her home and they talked and he pretended to be nice. My mom says the second woman might have been indian.

3. The main character gave one of her servants a letter to deliver. Her servant ran through a lot of grass and the blond man from before chased the servant on a horse and caught her.

My mom stopped watching there and she says she can't remember much due to her sleepiness haha.

I know it's super vague but hopefully someone can help! Thank you~!


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