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i watched this movie when i was about 12 or so which would have been in 2003, and i loved that movie but cant remember the name. i remember the star was this girl who in memory i think was darker skin and dark hair but i could be mistaken, maybe indian, hispanic, something of the sort, and her name was cat(kat) and she is in this field with other teens and meets this boy which also if i remember right he had a kurt cobain thing about him, scruffy white boy with long hair, but i could be wrong lol. so they meet and have to leave for some reason and she goes with him. then they're at his house and both in the bathtub and his mom comes in but it isn't weird to her that her son is in the bath with some random girl, they just spoke casually, except the girl seemed uncomfortable, i remember he would call her kitty kat. at the end it's later on and she goes to see him and he is living in i think a boat for some reason and he looks all strung out and gross. and that's about all i remember.


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