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I need help with this american movie.

A bisexual writer has a jealous girlfriend and a boyfriend. She was accused of the murder of a man who was killed exactly the way one of her characters was killed. The man was killed by being bound to be bed during sex and ridden by a lady who later took an icepick from her the back of her hair and stabs him with it. The police later find him naked, dead and in the pool of his blood. The writer was the prime suspect because the police thought it was too similar to be just coincidence, that she must have a hand in it. She argued that anyone could have read her book and made the murders looked like it was her who committed them. I think she said she suspected her jealous girlfriend and I think the man was her boyfriend too. I also remember the police went to her house while she was by the poolside to accuse her and she was very calm and relaxed. She said she was innocent. HELP PLS


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