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Around 14 years ago, I watched a Spanish movie (now I am skeptical whether it was
Spanish or French). Anyway, I donít speak both of these languages and it was on a
Spanish channel. The story goes like this:
A girl from a city/town comes to visit her grandmother in the country. The
grandmother is rich and she has a farm or estate sort of thing. She has two
servants to take care of it. A handsome guy who manages everything and a maid who
takes care of the house/kitchen. They appear to be romantically involved. Anyway,
grandma introduces the girl to the guy and she is immeditely attracted to him.
She tries to seduce him in the office by pulling his pants down. That night (or
some night) the guy climbs up to her window. She welcomes him. They lie on the
bed together and she pulls her hand from under the blanket to shows him. And
there is blood in her hand (implying she is on her period). But they end up
having sex anyway.
Later it is shown they are having a good time together, while the sad maid looks
on. (There is some music with those scenes.)


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