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I'm hoping this will sound familiar to someone! I saw a movie on TV at least 5 years ago and I can only remember a few plot points. No actors, etc. The movie didn't look too old, so I've been looking from mid-90s+. There's a portrait painter who is called in to paint a portrait for some form of nobility (a woman, I think). If I remember correctly, she's quite taken with him. There's also a young woman who was raised in a nunnery (orphan?) and an older gentleman who takes the girl as his wife. I think he contributed to the nunnery quite a bit. For some reason I think he was remodeling or renovating his house. The girl was not too thrilled to be given to this man. Toward the end of the movie, there's a huge fire where the painter lives. I remember houses close together but I'm not sure. He's got an infant and when he sees/hears of the fire he rushes home but his house is already engulfed in flames. I believe he finds later that the baby was rescued by a woman, the nanny? But I could be wrong about that, he may have gotten there in time to take the baby himself... So there are a lot of holes in that plot, obviously. I've had no luck so far and it's been bugging me for years. If this sounds the least bit familiar, please let me know! It's probably right under my nose. Thank you!


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