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I watched this in school in 2009 or 2010 but it might have been older (1990s or something I think) it was set in Victorian times and it was about two girls one was really clever and the other one didn't like it because she was always doing better than her, the smart one got married to a photographer guy and had children and then one day when they were in the street the girls see each other again and the mean one was ginger and I think she was called Ethel but at the same time I think I'm wrong. Anyway the smart girls daughter had a hoop and hook toy thing and she was playing with it and it went out in front of a horse and cart and the daughter followed it but the mean girl pulled her out of the way and took the hit instead and apologised for being so nasty
Does anyone know what this is called please i think it might be BBC or something from the UK


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