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I remember watching a film set in the 18th century, about a guy who lives with a rich girl and her family, not sure about martial status. He lives with the girl's family on their estate.
In one of the scenes, the brother of the girl has one of the young servant girls up against a table and is fucking her. The guy asks the girl if she's alright and is basically told to mind his own business.
In another scene toward the end, the father invites the guy to go fox hunting with them, but he is told by one of the servants that the girl wants to see him. He goes down the hall, and tries her door but finds it locked. He goes through his room, and finds her in bed with her brother.
At the very end, he ends up leaving for America with one of the servants of the family.
Can anyone please help me with this?
I think it was shown on BBC or the like.


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