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I warn that my English isn't the best. Here we go:

I'm looking for a movie (or series) and it's multiplied by a woman's point of view. I think that woman has some connections to the agents. Woman has a spouse, which has brown hair and circular glasses. The man is a teacher. I remember that he teaching the Spanish language. But I'm not sure. I remember a particular scene, described the couple's joint home. The living room has a lot of helium balloons and them says that baby is a boy / girl (It's a boy! -like that). Woman comes home and assume that her husband is okay. Because he sitting at the kitchen chair. He isn't okay. He bleeds. Then an outside man will come for some around the corner (or out of the shadows) and command the woman to go sit down. They discuss some until the an outside man hits knife into the side of husband and then walked away. Woman washes the carpet, which was blood of her husband, and then she found a hiding place under the floorboards. There was a wooden box with a similar pattern as the fire scar, which she has on her hand. Inside a wooden box found false passports and different currency.


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