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I am looking for help and have searched for years for this movie and cannot clearly remember all of the scenes. A few years ago I watched a movie that aired on TV very late that I think was filmed in the 70's and I believe it was in French or German with English subtitles. It was set it what looks like the 1600's or 1700's. A man, who is very promiscuous with a long, curly wig chases around a woman "Henrietta" that was his love interest. The movie has a comedy/ humorous type of way about it and there are many comedy like sex scenes and references to homosexuality. One of the scenes I remember, there is a ballet with a man (or men?) dancing and wearing makeup where everyone is watching in a theater type of room. Afterwards the people in the room all converse and I believe this is where he meets/ sees Henrietta. I cannot remember but I think that they eventually get together way later in the movie and do not get along well/ fight but I cannot remember.
Another ridiculous scene was where the man was trying to have sex with an unattractive older woman and could not perform and a younger woman pops up into the room and starts to undress without the older woman knowing so he can get on with it. It is all filmed in a very humorous type of way. The older woman makes some ridiculously crazy voices and sounds throughout the scene. Afterwards, the older woman pays him with goods, I believe gold or some type of coins. I think he hustled women throughout the movie and had relations with men as well. The movie is very strange and odd.


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