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I saw a very thought-provoking movie on TV, probably 20 years ago. I
don't know whether it was a made-for-TV, or not. I also cannot recall any of the actors, but it was about an older woman, who had been very possessive of her son. When he married a sweet girl that made him a very good wife, the jealous mother caused lots of problems for them.

The couple divorced and the son moved far away with a new wife and had nothing more to do with his mother, so the hateful mother was left alone. She eventually learned that she had a terminal illness and made contact with the ex-daughter-in-law, who still lived in the same town with her. The girl felt sorry for the woman and was really kind and helpful to her until the end.

The one scene that has stuck with me was the one where the ex-mother-in-law, in an embarrassed sort of manner, confessed to the girl that she had chin whiskers that she had always kept plucked. She knew that she would soon be unable to do that for herself and didn't want people to see her with them. She got the girl to promise that she would keep them plucked for her. Later, towards the end of the movie, the woman was shown bedfast and the girl plucking the chin hairs. Anyone else see this movie and know the name of it?


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