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I'm looking for a movie that was on TV I'm not sure if it was hallmark or lifetime but it's about three generations of women its base may be in the 1930s 1940s it's about a grandmother a mother and a daughter the grandmother raises the granddaughter as a mother is like a wildflower and leave them and goes with men and then comes back and goes with men but the granddaughter is really close with her grandma and the grandma teaches her how to take care of people and become like a nurse there's even a part where the grandmother goes and talks to a doctor because he blind a baby and he makes the doctor pay for the family cuz the family does not have any money will the granddaughter ends up being a nurse and goes to war and takes care of a soldier the soldier then end up coming back and Marry the granddaughter as a grandma finally end up passing away but she passes away cuz she knows our granddaughter will be taken care of


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