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I'm trying to remember the name of a tv drama that was screened during late 80s/early 90s but was set maybe in the 30s/40s (not sure sadly). It's about kids/teenagers who are in care, being looked after by priests possibly. Story follows 3 kids/teenagers, 2 boys and 1 girl. The only snippets of scenes/story i remember are.....
One of the boys was short and I think deaf and gets molested by a priest but can't say who did it! (If memory serves the priest comes across as a good guy until he later grabs the lead boy between the legs. Also got a faint scene in my head were the deaf boy jumps in a lake for a swim.

Later on in the drama the girl has bad nits and rubs her hair all over one of her evil carers bed in revenge. (Remember a following scene were the carer is scratching like made and the girl looks on laughing)

The lead boy and girl become old enough and live together in a small rented room. They soon become an item.

Last bit I remember is the lead boy starts to loose the plot and tries to stab someone/possibly assacinate someone of high power (sounds stupid but keep thinking it's the queen he wants to kill)
Then finally girl comes to visit him in jail and he walks up to her and spits in her face through the bars!

Know there's not much to go on but any help would be so awesome! It's been wrecking my head for years!


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