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There was a period drama or film, I'm not quite sure that I noticed on a YouTube video, just little snippets of it, but couldn't find out what the show or film was. It was definitely a period type drama/film, maybe 1930s? Due to the way they dressed, suits, braces, long white dresses and those thin sort of thatch hats. The male had blonde slightly curly hair and very belong facial hair, the young lady had long brunette hair. In one scene out in the street the young lady had her hand resting on the blonde males chest and was saying to him that she could not be his wife. In the other scene I saw the blonde male in a stream or lake on a sunny day carrying the young lady through the stream or river and just looking at her and I think they nearly kissed but she turned away. This bit did remind me of the well diggers daughter as the stream or lake was similar and so are the male and female outfits. They female when she spoke had a slight accent but Im not sure and she spoke English. And that's the best detail I can give. Hope this helps someone to find the drama or film for me as I really want to know what it is. Much appreciation to anyone with any ideas and suggestions and if you want to see the footage I saw of the drama or film to help them you can search it up on YouTube, it was a YouTube video about 5 Victorian etiquette rules by a you tuber called howstuffworks. So have a search if you need more data to help me find the right title for the drama or film. Thanks in advance to answerers of my query. I'll be waiting..........


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