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Hi I'm trying to figure out the name of this Christmas movie I have seen before. It was made probably in the 2000 or 2010s and it was on netflix last year and the year before (2013 and 2014) and it was about these two kids who meet as children and they find a dog and fall in love and they hide this lunchbox with things inside of it and then they move away. Well it's about 20 years later or so and they are now adults the man is divorced or a widow (I don't remember) but he has a child- girl about 10-12 years old. And the women comes back to town for Christmas and stays in the old log house she grew up in. And they meet again after so long and fall in love later and go back to find the buried lunch box and find it there. I can not remember the name of this movie and it's killing me because it's one of my favorites please help!!


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