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I'm looking for a movie that's probably WWI or WWII based. It begins with a girl living in the mountains with her grandfather (kinda like Heidi) but she eventually goes to a boarding school. She has to adapt to the society there, and one of the scenes I can remember clearly is that while bathing in a room with the other girls she strips rather than wear the white bathing clothes like everyone else. The other girls run screaming while the head of the school (I think) then tries to help her understand society life. The school is eventually taken by the army (probably as an occupancy house for soldiers) and all of the girls are sent to an orphanage/factories to work. The main girl convinces everyone to run away to the mountains back to her grandfather, and the last thing I remember of it is that they are running away. I have no idea how it ends, rainy day recess always ended before we got that far. It was definitely made prior to 2000.


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