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I saw this movie with my father once however, whenever I ask him about it he just stares at me in confusion. So I came here to you guys, hopefully you can help me out. There were these two sisters, at first they were all normal and human, walking through the woods. (Based on their clothing I would bet it was based in the past). One of the sisters steps on a bear trap, so the other leaves. Before the sister leaves she tells the other girl to count to 100 and by the time she gets to 100 she would be back. After they make it to this village (sourounded by tall wooden spikes in order to keep the wolves out) the one sister who did not step on the trap gets biotin by this...thing (for lack of better term) and when they wake up in the morning (the sisters were sleeping next to eachother in bed) it was wet with blood. Whatever infected the girl turned her into this evil devil creation thing and she suddenly had a liking for killing and blood. All that I remember for this point on is that she left with her sister at first, killed a seer (someone who can see into the future) and at one point when the sisters were separated, the human one counted to 100 and the other sister returned to the village where the human sister was residing. (She came with a pack of wolves behind her). This is all the information I have but hopefully you guys can help me out. I've been dying to watch this movie again. Thanks guys!


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