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So a friend told me about a movie that he had watched. He pretty much just described the movie to me but wasn't sure of the name or he couldn't recall the name one or the other. But i found the movie to my liking snd i was very interested in it and would love to watch it. Heres a brief disruption of the movie that he told me of, maybe someone may know what movie I'm talking about. So i believe its a family of three. A mother, father and a young daughter. Well the daughter gets kidnapped and they ask for a ransom. i got a little confused on this part but he said something about the mom showing up with i believe it was the kidnapper to receive the ransom. But the whole time the mom was having an affair. And the father new about it and the father was the one who kinda set up the plan. Well when they got the little girl back the mother was like "she's home, she's ok" kind a didn't care that they got the little girl back because it was a set up the whole time. Not much description of the movie but i hope the little info i knew on it helps. If anyone might or may think they know of what i movie I'm talking about please help me. Thank you.


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