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There was a movie/min series I watched in the late 90s about 4 generations of women spanning the 20th century. The first generation was a girl immigrating from Ireland, her mother dies on the ship, but leaves her a mirror, which according to family lore they can see all past generations of women supporting them. She falls in love with the son of the people she works as a maid for and they run off out west. She eventually dies in child birth. Her daughter does photography and ends up knocked up while working as a Nurse in one of the world wars. She ends up being sent back home and has to pawn the mirror. She marries a man because he can support her, although he isn't the love of her life. Later she reunites with the love of her life and travels across the world taking pictures. The next generation or so ends up swept up into the 60s/70s and the movie ends in the mid to late 80s with a very young girl talking into the mirror about how she can see all of her ancestors looking back at her. Any help is appreciated!


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