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I watched a movie..most probably its a south indian or tamail flim...the story is a village boy falls in love with a village girl in their school days...they start to spend time and enjoy themselves and den as they grow..i cant remember exactly wht happened..but they gets separated..yrs later the boy moves out of the village for college and there he falls in love with another college batch mate...they will share some shy glimse on their way home frm college on a boat...they will go along together but finally broke up...den the boy moves to a city for job and again fell in love with another woman..they will even share an intimate moment when the boy will suddenly go to the girls house all wet in rain...and the girl will insist the boy to open his shirt and will wipe him dry...but this time again nothing happens to the love story...the boy i think will leave his job and go back to his village..and meet his realatives and then whn he comes back to the city again..due to all the heart breaks he will start drinking and smoking day he will go to a pub and drink lots of beer and on his way back home...he will some some a market and fell down unconcious....its a great movie...i dont knw the name....I WANT TO KNW THE NAME OF DIS MOVIE...PLZ HELP...AND LET ME REMIND U AGAIN ITS A TAMIL OR SOUTH INDIAN MOVIE....PLZ HELP ME WIT D NAME OF DIS MOVIE.


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