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Help find a period/modern time tv movie/series!

I think it was shown on either ITV or BBC sometime between 2000-2008. It was about a husband and wife who moved into a haunted house after their son had drowned.

They then get haunted by a man, his wife and the sister and flashbacks ensue, which are probably from the Victorian era.

The whole drama ends when the modern day wife discovers that the period couple want to reincarnate into the bodies of her and the husband. There's also a plot twist where the wife had TB and so they swap the sister and wife's souls, so the sister then dies. Also, they thought that when the old wife said 'Get Out' to them, she was haunting them, when really she (as the sister, in the wife's body) wants to protect them.

I think it's also discovered that the modern husband has already been taken over by the period husband and he had actually drowned the son in the first place. Having nothing left, the modern wife decides to join her husband & son and relinquishes her body to the period wife.

I've tried searching everything but can't seem to find anything! Would really appreciate the help if anyone also remembers this.


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