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Dear All,
I am looking for the movie that I have watched in about 2000, and have never seen since.

Mid-age Italy: Venetian (?) admiral gambles with a 'femme fatale' who never lose. The game is simple: they run a whipping top with 2 sides - red and blue, 'toto & nemo' (all or nothing). Admiral loses all his fortune. His young son takes a chance, bets his own life and freedom, and loses too. He runs away, and a woman, - helped by hew own team of the bodyguards, - seeks him through the Italy. Young man meets a theater troupe, describes his story, - and they make a bestseller of it. In the end of the movie, young man finally gets captured, - but by now he has something else to bet. He gambles again, and now wins, to the shock of that strange woman.

The movie was very bright and vivid. I would really appreciate any advise or hint.


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