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I am looking for an older movie, I think it is from the 60's (I am not sure but the colour and what i remember of the fashion matches).
The plot so far as I remember (it must have been 15 years ago that I saw it) is that a lady is on holiday or at least traveling to Italy and stays at a resort or hotel. While she is there her daughter falls in love with a boy. The mother is hesitant to allow the allow this but does not stop the couple. The boy takes them to meet his father (I think he was a count or some other important position). The father and mother get along well and agree that the couple do as well.
Then a friend of the mother turns up and it is revealed that the mother is looking for a doctor for her daughter. The daughter had an accident where she got hit in the head by a donkey (I think) which stunted the daughters mental growth. (I will also say that I remember a scene where the friend says that the mother has nothing to worry about as the daughter and the boy are like butterflies playing in a field and the mother disagrees.) The mother and father agree they can be married but as they are setting the date the father sees the daughter's passport and says that they can not be married as the as the girl is 29 and his son is so much younger (I think 24 but possibly a few years younger). The father says that he is calling the marriage off.

I do not remember any more it has been a long time and I am not even certain that I saw it all.
Please help.


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