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Many years ago, I saw a black and white crime/drama-type movie that had a particular scene in it that has stayed with me over the years.

A young waitress on a dark and cold night, had put a boiled egg into each of her pockets when she left the diner after closing. I figured that she planned to eat them later at home. However,she was murdered on the way. When her body was discovered, the boiled eggs found nearby were puzzling to the detective, until another waitress explained to him that the girl would often use them to keep her hands warm on the walk home.

Recently, while helping to peel boiled eggs at a community event, I mentioned seeing in a movie how someone had used boiled eggs to keep their hands warm. Another member said she had seen the same movie, but neither of us could remember anything else about it, much less the title or cast. Anyone got any ideas?


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