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Trying to find a movie that I caught in the middle and was enjoying it so much . I didn't know what the movie was called.
Its a foreign movie. I saw it in 2005. So the movie must be from around that time or earlier. I want to watch what happens in it.
I cant remember much. There is a town of some sort where a widow(?) lives, with her pretty daughter who is carefree. Town people like her and especially one shopkeeper likes her. He gives her mother jewelry to have her daughter but mother thinks he is into her not daughter. I think there is also a decent guy who likes the daughter but I think she goes to a rich man who sexually abuses/take advantage of her. I think it was spanish or french but I may be wrong. I want to see the whole movie from beginning and see what was this movie really about. I am mixing up too much about my imagination and the movie. Dying to see it. What is this movie???


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