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Hi everyone! I remember watching this movie when I was younger but I can't remember the name of it! The parts I can remember it's about a young couple that fall in love with each other and for some reason her father takes her away and they never see each other again for many many years. Before He takes her away I remember her and another woman sitting in an old wooden circular tub smoking something. I feel like they were in an old village in the jungle somewhere but I'm not sure. This movie is kinda old, sorry. In the mean time after he takes her away, the next part I remember is she gets sick with something and the doctor that comes to take care of her she ends up marrying and having his children. In the mean time the other boy she fell in love with doesn't settle down with anyone and he continuously has sex with a lot of women and one time I remember he gets walked in on by one of his employees or just a family friend and the guy says, "my god, you fuck just like your father" and then the girl hides her face and the guy says, don't worry madam I have not seen your face. Then at the end of the movie they are both very old and she had just returned home after her husbands funeral and her first love is there to tell her that he always loved her and that he still does but she gets angry with him and tells him to leave and never come back. Okay that's all I can remember if any of you know the name I would greatly appreciate it.


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